Wednesday, March 11, 2020

How to buy wholesale ?

I get requests regularly from people all over the world interested in buying french antiques wholesale.

When people see the word wholesale, they understand buying french antiques at "wholesale price". They are perfectly correct. As a dealer, I want to buy at the wholesale price and resale at the retail price and have the biggest profit possible.

Then, people ask, do you have a catalog, I can choose from ? My answer is sure I have several online stores selling french antiques on ebay or other merchant plateforms. But these catalogs are interested to give you an idea about what I can get for you. But it is not possible to pick up from them. Having a catalog with nice photos cost a lot. It will be hard to have a wholesale price with a retail service. This is why I cannot provide a detailed catalog.

Secondly, I get requests from dealer all over the world, but mainly from the USA, Australia, New-Zealand and Europe... 

Dealers have their own idea about what french antiques should be according the market trends. Some time, what they consider as french antiques are not. It is not rare to receive a photo about what they are looking for and it appears this is a modern reproduction in a supposedly french country style. These reproductions are made in China or in low cost labor countries. They are not french antiques. They are industrially made and cheap quality. This is typically Hobby Lobby items.

I go regularly to the Round Top antiques Show in Texas. Every year, there is a new market trend. Several years ago, the dame-Jeanne also called demi-jeanne were popular. The old french ones are hand-blown and rare. All over Round top, were this cheap reproductions imported from China with a fake painted wine label. I remember antique dealers claiming it was hand-made and french. It is easy to make the difference between hand-blown glass and industrial press glass.

Bertrand from Wholesale French Antiques

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