Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Wide range of Services

French Antique Wholesale : Wide Range of Services

We offer a wide range of products and services. We can ship worldwide from a box to an entire container. We can buy for you or you can buy while you are in France and we will provide the logistics. You can also buy from us.

  1.     We buy
  2.     We transport
  3.     We warehouse
  4.     We wrap and pack every item
  5.     We prepare the paperwork
  6.     We load the container
  7.     We arrange shipment
  8.     Tariffs

 We buy

Buying takes time. We hand pick each piece. We buy through our network and essentially estate sales. Approximately 10 % of our purchases are made through charitable organizations.
We don't buy at "Le marché aux puces" in Paris or similar places because there are no good deals to be had with millions of tourists passing through.

For professionals, to buy antiques in France, a dealer's license is mandatory. Those doing business without a license are breaking french law and risk confiscation.  



We transport
We have our own logistics to transport the merchandise to our facilities


We Warehouse
In France, we own a 750 square meters/8000 sq ft warehouse where we store, clean and touch-up.In the USA, we own a 250 square meters warehouse where we sell.


We wrap items

We prepare the paperwork
Each item even the smallest one has to be referenced with a unique identification. This is very time consuming as classification must be precise in order to avoid costly delays.We work closely with our freight forwarding company and the custom broker to insure the export process will go smoothly.

We load the container

We arrange shipment 

How much will it cost to ship french antiques ?

We can ship any quantity, from a box of smalls via postal service up to 40 ft. High Cube containers.

  1.     Smalls
  2.     Containers
  3.     Services



We can ship boxes of smalls worldwide using the French postal service, USPS or DHL.



Shipping a 40 ft HC container from our warehouse in France will cost approximately $7000 USD to the USA and $8000 AUD to Australia.

The price of merchandise may vary according to the quality and rarity. A good and full 40 ft HC container of french antiques will cost from 15 000 Euros or more.



- Buying tour

- Moving van + driver

- loading a container

- storage

- consultation/expertise

Please ask for a quote

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